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Goldquelle plätschert...

Season 1 - Episode 2

“Insider Safari-Guide-Legend” & “Legendary Nomad Outsider” about Biz, Animals & Right-or-Wrong-doings in Africa.

A chat with Reggie from Reggie Safari Tanzania.

Reggie Ezekiel Mayumba, shares with Angelika the joys and challenges, of the Safari Biz in Africa.

Reggie started his work as a Safari Guide in Tanzania at age 21. He was inspired into this profession by his uncle, who gave his life, in protecting the animals in Tansania. (He was shot by poachers.)

Safari Guides are different. Some work for money, others for animals, people and our planet. Reggie being the later.

Africa is Magic. Dive in, feel & love it.


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